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Even though the information on here is widely known In-Character, it is assumed that non-changelings will be unaware of anything relating to the Lost, unless otherwise specified.

Garden of Eden Logo


IC Dates

IC/OOC Calendar, Next Game is in Green:
OOC Date IC Date Game Info
Beginnings, Fresh Time in the Old Desert
4/9/11 N/A Character Creation and OOC/IC Auction.
4/23/11 4/23/11 First Game
5/7/11 5/7/11
5/21/11 5/21/11
6/4/11 6/4/11

Persons of Interest

Citizens of the Three Nearby Freeholds

Tuscon Freehold

Dragoon Freehold

Tombstone Freehold

Free Persons


Peaceably Departed

Dead/Missing/Taken/Jailed/Kicked Out/Left

Locations of Interest

Mortal Places in Bisbee and The Desert

There are only two ways into or out of Old Bisbee by land, hedge not withstanding. The main tunnel and highway thru the canyon. There is an international airport.

Old Bisbee

New Bisbee

Out in the Desert


Known Hedge Gates

Scenery in the Hedge


"Prometheus is well know as the king of Bisbee, worshiped for his wisdom and charity by the common people and sought after by historians wishing to record his epic tale." - The Common Man on the Street, 1/1/11

"King? You mean the Copper Kings, our baseball team? Oldest team west of the Mississippi." - Any other local

"Never head out under a new moon." - well known folk lore

"Bisbee had never really had a stable freehold - not that it's needed one. It's better off and safer here than most places with one. Not that it stops people from trying to start a new one every few years..." - Copper Queen

"Did you hear that there are border patrol checkpoints on all roads out of Bisbee? They're a bit out there, but they're there" - Jogger climbing stairs

"Ever been to Tachos Tacos? If you eat one taco, you'll want to eat a hundred." - Area Foodie

"Have you been rock climbing in Cochise Stronghold yet? I was there last week, it was like I was climbing to the top of the world, I could see everything. - Avid Outdoorsman

"Used to be that sometimes miners would come back up from the mines, and they would act like it's the first time they ever saw daylight. Careful on that mine tour, sometimes whatever's down there will want to take your place." - local legend

"Approaching The THING! What is The THING? Have you seen The THING? The THING awaits! The THING next exit!" - Series of billboards on the road to Dragoon

"I hear there's ancient Apache treasure buried over in the Chiricahuas." - Desert Adventurer

"I'M NOT A BOY, I'M GENDER MALE!" - local 'gender male'

"There's some crazies around town, but they seem harmless enough." - Visiting Wildlife Photographer

"I heard someone tried to prank Asher Daye and it went terribly wrong...he fell into a ravine and broke his leg." - Woman about town

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