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This information is generally public knowledge to residents of the World of Darkness. Splat specific knowledge is only generally known to members of the corresponding splat.


Famous People

Mortal World

  • Dan Hammond - World famous underwear model and playboy. Most have seen his image in advertisements for his clothing lines even if they aren't fashion aware enough to know his name.
  • Lux Malnavi - A minority famous performance artist in the traveling circus Ground | Spark Theatre. His performances are near impossible to ignore and feel so engrossing one cannot help but come away moved.

Radio Free Fae Celebrities

  • Dr Brown - The Bellingham monarch is known to have killed a True Fae invading the mortal world.

Major Events

  • During 2007-09 the criminal Mephisto Asmodeus made his way onto America's Most Wanted list for killing a police officer and evading custody. He was later spotted in the traveling circus Cirque de Perdue as a part of their crime spree/publicity stunts that eventually closed the circus due to financial difficulties and lawsuits. He resurfaced in Bellingham, Washington in late 2009 and commenced with a spree of random violence directed against police and citizens alike. He was ultimately killed in an arrest attempt by Homeland Security Special Agent Sibelius Brown. However his legacy of aggression sparked a string of gang violence in Bellingham that continues to haunt the city.

Picturesque Places

Changeling Freeholds

  • Hobgood NC - Houses a trade alliance of hobs known to be some of the wealthiest and best connected hob merchants in the world. The merchants travel between a number of allied markets to barter their wears and are rumored to be protected from attack by deals with the Fae themselves.
  • San Francisco, CA - Houses both a Seasonal and Directional Freehold. The directional one, centered in China Town, saw scandal some years back when the fairest lawyer Sam Ting was said to have had inappropriate relations with the Queen of the West, her fetch, a video camera, and someone getting unreasonably upset about selling some pictures and video online. Sam, of course, isn't at fault at all. He did however leave town and never came back.
  • Vancouver, WA - Features three freeholds,the Auspicious Compass (directional), Endless Tome (seasonal), and River of Minuets and Seconds (seasonal). Tentions between freeholds have traditionally run high.
  • The Seattle Freehold - Seattle, WA - Seat of an alliance that spans much of Washington, this freehold is a strong advocate of changeling unification. Rumors both good and bad tend to fly about their alliance and it's goals from claims that they wish to undermine the seasonal rotation that keeps so many changelings safe to assertions that one day they will sack and salt Arcadia itself.
  • The Temperate Storm - Vancouver, BC - The freehold here is as diverse as the immigrant populations of the city. Changelings from every corner of the world have gathered here and rule themselves by direct democracy.
  • Iron Ring - Bellingham, WA - Home to a new freehold known as the Iron Ring this town has faced many problems over the past few years. A hot spot for adventure seeking changelings.
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