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Even though the information on here is widely known In-Character, it is assumed that non-changelings will be unaware of anything relating to the Dreaming, unless otherwise specified.

Welcome to the township of Dunwich, home of the fighting bulldogs. We've seen better days but don't just lie down. We'll fight on thru recession and hopeless depression and on into times of better ways.


Dream Actors and other Interesting Personalities

Sparks of Dream, Changelings

  • Freddy "Mad Dog" Cooper - sporting a red mohawk and gang colors. Dream of rage.
  • Xander Kreuk - Wears long robes, carries a staff and spends a lot of time at the glen or the Pentacle of Death, he is a Dream of Dragonlords.
  • Lani Kreuk - Dream of fox spirits, spends a lot of time seeing what people are up to
  • Mark Rumen - Dedicated ranger and nature lover, spends virtually all his time in the forest away from people. In his secret identity as Lord Rumen, Protector of the Dunwich Forest, is known for being unseemingly ancient and absent-minded, and frightening when he chooses to be.
  • Fritz Ferbuster - Not short, not balding, perfectly calm and collected Nocker. As far as anyone can guess he is a Dream of Chaos.

Mortals, Heirs to a Thousand Natural Shocks

  • A street gang calling themselves "the Strays," led by Freddy "Mad Dog" Cooper.
  • Bill Cooper, a drunkard who lives in the trailer park. Father to Freddy "Mad Dog" Cooper.
  • May Cooper, wife to Bill Cooper, who works as a cleaning lady at the local motel. Mother to Freddy "Mad Dog" Cooper.
  • Julie Kreuk, a half-Caucasian, half-Asian teacher at the local school
  • David Kreuk, Caucasian male who works at the prison
  • Zachary Albrook, Caucasian male student athlete, town exemplar

Points of Interest

Mundane Day-trips

These locations are in and around Dunwich in the human world. Many of them have chimerical sides but are inherently mundane.

  • the Pentacle of Death
  • the motel
  • the hunting retreat
  • the fountain - Created by a famous artist before they discovered the style that made them famous.
  • the General Store
  • the Mystery Spot - In the center of the Pentacle of Death
  • the Old Quarry
  • Arden High School - A three story brick building with little in the way of a yard.
  • the chapel - Bring your own faith.
  • the antiques store - Mostly sells to tourists, an extra bit of cash for locals selling family treasures.
  • 'nearby' prison - Employs much of the town.
  • pound/butcher - We're sure the two sides of the building don't have any practices in common.
  • the research lab - Studying the ground water and other after effects of the Old Quarry.
  • the public library - Is in the same building as the elementary school.
  • Mermaid Falls - A waterfall with a few caves behind.
  • The Abandoned Properties - The town was once much larger.

Dreaming Adventures

These locations exist in the world of dreams.

  • Mermaid Falls - A bit away in the forest lies the Mermaid Falls, relatively unknown glen of the area.
  • The Sidhe Freehold - The Freehold has been found and claimed, but who will control it in the end?
  • The American Dream - The people have gone, their dreams have not.
  • The Endless Dark and the Underdark - While the two share lack of light as a common feature both are of interest in their own way.
  • Topsy-Turvydom - A similar land where everything is not as it should be.
  • The Wishing Well - An ordinary-looking well lying deep within the forest. But is it really what it seems?

Exciting Events and Calendar

IC/OOC Calendar, Next Game is in Gold:
OOC Date IC Date Game Info
6/26/09N/ASetting creation and character sketches.
Game Begins
7/10/097/10/09First game!
7/24/097/17/09Highsummer Eve aka Pranksgiving. A night of merriment and jokes, traditionally a time to harvest glamour by toying with mortals ala A Midsummer Nights Dream.
8/07/098/07/09In which the plethora of tentacles were explored and experienced, knights tested and squires trained. Finally, first game with no cops.
9/04/099/04/09Chester grows up and dragon slaying is shown to be a difficult endeavor.
9/18/099/18/09A scarecrow on the wind and a freehold on the ground. Children fall from trees but by a nurse found. Oh, and some exploration of the American Dream.
10/02/0910/02/09Autumn winds blow strong, change is in the dancing air. Knockers fan the freehold flame, to seat a noble on the royal chair. Nurses work a magical wonder, discovering power's dark dark fare. And the Baron of the Woods watches, finding a brief moment's forgotten care.
10/16/0910/16/09Restoring of a freehold and mysteries pierced. New arrivals to town, plumbers red and green, help to move water to get everything clean.
10/30/09 10/31/09 Samhain, as the crops are in to harvest and the dead come to call, the darkness peeks out, a night of unseelie fun for all! Time to crown the commoner, and to celebrate the fall, time for laughs and lanterns and a rowdy drunken brawl.
11/13/0919/1/09Morning after Samhain. A new knight arrives, the nurse is changed, everyone plays a game of blame.
11/27/0911/27/09Evidence abounds eluding those who seek it. Others look to dawn as a victory to be won, but the Champion of Night still burns with the sun.
12/11/0912/11/09Murder mystery found and solved. Another ranger goes to jail.
12/25/0912/25/09No Game
1/08/10 1/08/10
1/15/10 1/15/10
1/29/10 1/29/10


It seems the mayors daughter has been kidnapped, raped, and left for dead in the woods. Two juveniles(one of whom is the infamous "Mad Dog" Freddy Cooper) and the local state ranger are suspected and in custody as the police and prosecution dig to the bottom of this vile business. How many are involved and how far dose this group reach? - 9/5/09

"Jabberwock, Snipe...don't let the names fool you, the dangers are real."

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